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 I need to be actively involved in producing art. This will allow me to maintain perspective and my self-esteem as an artist...always remembering that I was an artist before I was a teacher. 


   One way to stay productive as an artist, is to do the challenging assignments I give my students. Students thus see the teacher in the learning mode, willing to take risks, make decisions, and find expressive solutions to problems. Seeing the teacher as both an artist and a mentor, students develop respect, trust, and increased confidence. 


   Teaching art inspires both me and the students I teach. I can and often do learn from the students. Students frequently challenge my thinking in unexpected ways. Keeping my mind open, I can become a better artist by responding thoughtfully to the questions they pose. 


   As a working artist, adopting this style of teaching contributes to my own development and growth. It energizes the vital qualities of both facets of my identity. 


   For me, having a job I love, I never feel I have to work a day in my life.


   Enjoy art with me, and while browsing, select  “My Book”  from the menu above for a sneak peek of my first Children’s Picture Book.

Dr. Helen Hong Ding holds a Doctorate Degree in Education with an emphasis in International Education from Northcentral University, USA and a Masters degree in Fine Art and Multimedia Art from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. She grew up in Singapore and educated in Europe, with a major in Restoration Art at National Art Academy of Paris, which provided a great opportunity for her multi-language capacity, English, French, and Chinese dialects (Mandarin, Cantonese, and Henanese. Helen was appointed as an adjudicator of the University of Arts London in 2008.  


Her diverse experience, seasoned commitment to detail, and colorful mesmeric teaching style has enriched her young students with an ever-lasting revelation and focus on art. Helen instructs in the fields of painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, Sand Sculpture, Print Making, Silk Screen, Lithography, Design, and Multimedia Art. 


Helen is an IB authorized Visual Arts examiner for the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) and an appointment to the team of examiners responsible for visual arts higher/standard level of IB program. She gained IB Certificate of Visual arts teacher’s training program (MYP Visual arts workshop held at International Youth college, Beijing. She obtained a DP Visual arts training certificate in the workshop held at Somerset College, Brisbane, Australia. 2006), also she achieved an IB Certificate of experienced Visual arts teacher’s training certificate this year in Dubai, UAE, March 2008. As director of the IB Art Center she taught the IB Visual arts program (MYP&DP) in the school of Guangdong Country Garden, China and Hong Kong Yew Chung International School (2003-2008), and Jeddah Knowledge International School, Saudi Arabia (2009-2012), in addition, she has been a successful curator, who organized the Grand Arts show for the school once a year while responsible for MYP and DP’s Internal and External assessments as a moderator every year since she joined these schools. Helen was the first MYP & DP Visual Arts teacher in her Chinese school, in charge of the Visual Arts program, outline project design, moderation, overseas consultant in Arts & Design, and as a curator for the DP Visual Arts Exhibition every year in China. 


As a real artist, Helen feels that each student is a piece of art, ever changing, always refining, and never finished. Helen strives to make each piece better and better. Along her art journey from Europe to South East Asia,  she has been working as an executive designer at the Singapore Art & Design Company, in Singapore. She has held a number of joint exhibitions in Europe and South East Asia. She is represented in private and public collections in France, Australia, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia.


Helen is currently working on a series of Children's Picture Books, in hopes to share her love of family and her dedication to enriching the lives of young adults.


Currently teaching in Stockholm Sweden.


Artist and Teacher

Water Color Pencil

Soft Pastel



Chinese Ink

Mixed Media

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